12/15 2021

Change of Guards

New Managing Director of Falcon Navigation/Falcon Maritime
We are pleased to announce that Jakob Borgård Jørgensen (40 years) has been appointed the new Managing Director of Falcon Navigation and Falcon Maritime as of 1st January 2022, where he will be replacing Bo Kristensen (60 years).
The appointment is a part of a coordinated plan of succession where Jakob Borgård Jørgensen will lead Falcon Navigation in its continued daily focus on time charter and cargo chartering activities, while Bo Kristensen will primarily be heading and strengthening the development of the activities in Falcon Rederi, whose fleet of vessels will continue to be employed by Falcon Navigation.
In connection with the change of management composition, adjustments have also been made to the company structure of the Falcon Group. The 2021 annual financial statement will therefore be the last consolidated financial statement issued by Falcon Maritime Group in the capacity as holding company for the combined shipping activities. Chartering ac-tivities will continue unchanged under the wings of Falcon Navigation as a company co-owned by the partners Jakob Borgård Jørgensen, Anders Dahl, Claus Bjarnested and Bo Kristensen.
The 2021 financial statement is expected to be presented by mid-March 2022, showing strong results as a reflection of the extraordinary market conditions we have experienced during 2021.
Any questions regarding this announcement should be directed to Managing Director Jakob Borgård Jørgensen direct phone +45 69607074, e-mail: jbj@falcon-maritime.com, or Bo Kristensen direct phone +45 6960 7061, e-mail: bk@falcon-maritime.com

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