Falcon Maritime Group A/S was established in spring 2009 as the holding company for Falcon Navigation A/S (timecharter- and cargo contracting), Falcon Rederi A/S (ownership of bulk carriers) and Falcon Maritime A/S (administration).

The companies were led by Bo Kristensen who together with partners worked hard and over the years managed to grow both the volume of business, the number of owned ships as well as the number of employees. Falcon Maritime Goup had been holding the majority ownership of the group companies, but in order to prepare for the future and arrange succession with the partners, it was agreed that as from January 1st 2022, Falcon Maritime Group would reduce its stake in Falcon Navigation A/S and Falcon Maritime A/S, and that these two companies would be led by Jakob Borgaard Joergensen as new Managing Director with Bo Kristensen taking the role as Chairman of the Board. Other partners, Claus Bjarnested and Anders Dahl would continue their roles as Senior Chartering Manager and Head of Operations respectively.

The focus for the Group is still the same, ie bulk carriers and dry cargo trade primarily in the Atlantic Basin and in the segments of handysize, handymax and ultramax bulk carriers. Mostly modern ships and many of them equipped with grabs and with the ability to trade in ice.

The motto for the company ís firmly rooted in all what we do, and remains:

  • “Excellence in shipping
    – what we say is what we do!”


Members of Bimco and Danish Shipping