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A reliable shipping partner who cares about relationships

Falcon was founded in 2009 in Copenhagen. Since inception Falcon has grown organically both in terms of employees, ships both owned and time chartered, customers and cargo carried. The transportation is carried out by handy size or supramax/ultramax vessels. Every day, we take pride in delivering honest and reliable service with a personal touch – what you see is what you get.
  • Family style company
  • Individually strong, even stronger together
  • Reliable and trusted
  • Strong financial track record

The Falcon Structure

The Falcon Group of companies consist of three companies.


Falcon Rederi A/S

Falcon Rederi A/S is the ship owning company of Falcon. We have full ownership of 3 Handysize Bulk Carriers. Falcon Rederi is 100 pct owned and led by Bo Kristensen.


Falcon Navigation A/S

Falcon Navigation A/S is the vehicle used when taking positions in the timecharter and cargo contracting markets. Falcon Navigation is owned by it's four working partners, Jakob Borgård Jørgensen, Claus Bjarnested, Anders Dahl and Bo Kristensen. Falcon Navigation is led by Managing Director Jakob Borgård Jørgensen


Falcon Maritime A/S

Administration company and commercial and operational manager for Falcon Navigation A/S and Falcon Rederi A/S. Falcon Maritime is 100pct owned by Falcon Navigation and is led by Managing Director Jakob Borgård Jørgensen.

Falcon Navigation financials: View annual report for 2023 or see annual reports from other years here.

The Falcon Journey

Since the companies were founded in 2009 by Bo Kristensen and partners, Falcon has managed to grow both the volume of business, the number of owned ships as well as the number of employees.

Business Partners

Falcon Group coorporates with the following companies.